Squid Game Reality Show Announced, Better Shows to Adapt in Real Life

Netflix had a good thing with Squid Game. This obviously meant they were going to squeeze every last drop of content out of it. Season two of the show is likely to be released next year at some time, but the reality show version of the South Korean hit is coming to Netflix in November. 

The news of this has brought many things to light, but none more than the fact that most of the challenges in Squid Game are really boring without the stakes of life and death. This show is going to be horrible. The original show came out over two years ago. Mr. Beast beat them to this concept for Christ’s sake. Netflix should’ve picked up one of these shows to adapt into reality tv instead. 

The Sopranos

Send four Italian guys into the mob, and see which of them becomes a made man first. It could be somewhat of mafia version of The Bachelor. Let the actor who played Christopher host, and you got yourself a show.

Stranger Things

This one is tougher because most studios don’t have access to monsters. The premise of this show is simple, though. Take a group of nerdy kids on bikes, and release a bunch of giant dogs at them. Then film the kids as they fight back with baseball bats and the power of friendship. Something tells me the ending of this would be a bit less cheerful than Stranger Things.

The Office

Simple. Put a bunch of guys in an office, and see which of them sleeps with the receptionist first. This is already happening in most offices anyway, so you could just set up cameras anywhere.

Big Brother

Imagine how good this show could be if it weren’t scripted, which it definitely is. Someone should really pitch this.

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