Taylor Swift Fans Are the Worst

Taylor Swift fans need to get their stuff together. They already defend her online like she’s their child. Now they are taking part in one the internet’s worst trend since the mass consumption of Tide pods. During her most recent performance, Swift ducked to avoid bracelets her fans threw at her during her performance.

This trend is way too out of hand. It started when Harry Styles was hit in the face by a phone during a recent concert. It then continued with Pink being handed the ashes of one of her fans’ mothers. Basically, everyone from big name stars like Taylor Swift to people with nothing but a microphone and an iPhone camera have had objects launched at them while performing the last few weeks. It’s a weird look.

This ridiculous trend is not why I am here though. Taylor Swift has been on a world tour recently. Unfortunately, it has caused the Swifties to be more active than ever. As her name stays in the public discourse, they have more material than ever to childishly defend Swift’s every action. I saw a Tweet that compared her on stage dancing to Michael Jackson. At a certain point, Taylor Swift fans are making themselves look like idiots by comparing her onstage Madden touchdown celebration to the King of Pop.

Swifties are self-regarded as the most passionate fanbase of any singer, actor, athlete, or Kardashian in the world. I don’t really disagree with them either. I just wonder why they see this as a good thing. I’ve never seen so many women in their twenties openly flock to join the same sing along they would’ve participated in during their eighth-grade summer. Her fanbase has no demographic, except for people you’d never want to talk to.

I know that people would hate me for this if anyone actually read these blogs. Fortunately for me, that’s not the case. I’ve felt the need to point out that Taylor Swift fans are a special type of social terrorist for the longest time. Typically, I’m too afraid to voice this opinion. When people start talking about Taylor Swift in front of me, I typically nod along and watch Tayvon Austin’s college highlights in my head. At least before when her fans were the worst, they were original. Now they are annoying, and a cliché. Be better than that Swifties. 

Also, while I’m here: Jake Gyllenhaal is as good an actor as she is a singer. Get over it. Taylor Swift doesn’t care about your scarf. Don’t care about hers.

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