Ten Nations That Need Their Own “Irish Goodbye”

The Irish Goodbye is the greatest thing ever. It allows you to leave a place you no longer want to be. It makes you seem like a really cool person once you leave. Most importantly, it sounds like a term you’d read off of Urban Dictionary, but you can still say it in front of your mother. The Irish Goodbye is unmatched, but it doesn’t mean other countries don’t deserve a signature exit of their own. Here are ten good ones.

British Goodbye

This is a regular goodbye, except you spell everything wrong while doing it. 

Scottish Goodbye

This is kind of like an Irish Goodbye. Start out the same as you would for an Irish Goodbye. The main difference, is when you get to the door and play a killer bagpipe solo instead of leaving. 

Canadian Goodbye

Before you are about to leave, you fix the host’s leaky sink and hide a twenty-dollar bill in their house before thanking them profusely and exiting. 

American Goodbye

This is executed by simply saying goodbye in your best Scott Hanson impression.

Italian Goodbye

This is a regular goodbye, but with really expressive hands.

German Goodbye

Get everyone’s attention, make a speech, leave, and invade your neighbor’s house. 

French Goodbye

This is just a regular goodbye, but with tongue.

Japanese Goodbye

Say goodbye, and morally object to the film Oppenheimer.

Russian Goodbye

Declare a race to say goodbye first, aggressively advertise it, then lose it. 

North Korean Goodbye

Claim the top half of the room, and then start threatening everyone in the other half. 

Here’s four more, because “Fourteen nations that need their own Irish Goodbye,” doesn’t sound as clean.

Chinese Goodbye

Buy a custom pack of fortune cookies that say goodbye on the inside, and drop them at places when you leave. 

Indian Goodbye

This is simply saying goodbye, but in a place that has more people than it can comfortably fit. 

Mexican Goodbye

Find a way to wrap your goodbye in a tortilla. 

Slovenian Goodbye

Say goodbye to Luka Doncic.

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