The 5 Guys You Never Wanna Fight

It seems that fights in the stands of NFL stadiums have been on the rise this season, I have made a list of the 5 Things You Never Wanna Fight! If you see any of these things as you’re going to fight someone, just run away.

A Guy With Cauliflower Ears:

Cauliflowers ears are a tell-tale of “Get The F*CK Out Of There”. Fighting a guy who has cauliflower has never turned out good for anyone.

A Guy With Nothing To Lose:

A guy who has nothing to lose is also a lose/lose situation for anyone. There is no reason to fight someone who doesn’t care whether they end up in prison or dead. “Nothing to lose” could mean he was in prison or he just got dumped.

Black Air Force 1 Guy:

This joke has been ongoing for as long as I have been alive. The black AF1 guy is a menace to society and will not be stopped for any reason. This is like George Pickens, if you see that man play football he has no regard for his body or anyone else’s.

A Guy With A Face Tattoo:

This is probably my 1.1 on guys I would never mess with. There are one of two reasons that someone has a face tattoo.

1. Prison

2. Murder

Most likely, if they have a face tattoo, they have done both and they probably shouldn’t be messed with.

Russia In The Winter:

If you have ever read a history book, you’ll understand why. Napoleon and H-Man both tried and failed. I just wouldn’t mess with any Russian in the winter.

Written by TFM Stelly

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