The Perfect Frat Party Playlist

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Frat parties can be broken down into three main stages: the pregame, the party, and afters. Though all are vital for a successful night, each part is distinctly different from the others. They have different vibes and activities, meaning different music is required during each. While many aspiring sophomore DJs still have yet to figure this out, I have mastered the art of reading a room. Basically, I know what type of music to play at what point in the night. Despite knowing what type of music to play, I will warn you all that my music taste is both slightly outdated and extremely mainstream. I in no way claim to be a music savant or have great taste in general. That said, I know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t use this as a set-in-stone playlist, but instead an outline of how your own playlist should look. 

The Pregame

The brothers-only pregame is undoubtedly the best part of the night. Boys are buzzin’ and guzzin’, hopes are higher than that one brother with mono, and the night has just begun. While pong and other drinking games ensue, the music needs to turn everyone the eff up. That means songs that people get hype to and know all the words of. Yes, all the words. This portion of the playlist is typically rap as once the girls arrive rap songs immediately become off limits. Basically you are looking for songs that are upbeat, memorable, and invite everyone to scream at the top of their lungs as pledges are force fed cheap vodka straight from the handle. Songs that fit this description are:

The Party

Once girls arrive and the actual party begins you want to play music that people can dance to. Here’s the problem. Very few people can actually dance. For most of us, dancing consists of pumping one fist up and down repeatedly for about two hours. That type of dancing is awkward and can lead to needing Tommy John surgery. So, to limit the awkwardness, you want to play songs that people can sing along to. That means songs that everyone knows the words to. These songs typically come from our childhood as they have been engraved into our brains. Though technically most of these songs are made for women, they are all certified bangers. Here are some examples from my own personal playlist.


While many people partake in snow sports during afters, the majority of us use the wee hours of the night after a party to do some personal reflection. Why do girls never talk to me? Is it something I did to make them run away when I introduced myself? How do I stop sweating so much? All good questions. Though I can’t help you answer them, I can give you song recommendations to play as you attempt to smoke all of your feelings away. These songs are typically slower, sadder, and put you in your bag. They’re the type of songs where you really listen to lyrics and feel understood. Everyone’s own personal style will be different, but these are a good place to start.

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