Things I Do To Get Ready For Football Season

Happy male friends cheering while watching match on TV. Excited soccer fans are enjoying drinks and snacks. They are partying at home.

Great news for football guys! We’re just two months away from the start of college football and a mere 72 days away from the anticipated NFL season. It’s been a long 135 days since we last witnessed our beloved sport on the national stage, and let’s not even talk about the USFL or XFL attempts. As the excitement is building up with the upcoming kickoff between Notre Dame and Navy in Dublin, Ireland in 60 days.

During the almost 200-day gap between the Super Bowl and the start of College Football, I’ve been keeping myself busy with a range of preparations to ensure maximum enjoyment for the next seven months.

Doctor: Consuming wings and light beer every Saturday and Sunday may not be the healthiest choice, but I must admit it’s become a regular part of my life. Realizing the need to take control of my well-being, I decided to visit the doctor and undergo my first physical since my high school days. Surprisingly, they assured me of my overall healthiness, crediting my daily routine of pushups and sit-ups. The doctor even gave me the green light to fully enjoy the upcoming football season, complete with beer and fried foods.

Shoes: Between the months of September and February, my schedule gets incredibly hectic, leaving me with hardly any free time. During my offseason, I managed to visit the store and purchase my annual pair of Converse.

Vacation: Witnessing Jimmy Garoppolo‘s step out of the back of the endzone, resulting in a safety, was a moment that made me realize I needed a vacation. And if that wasn’t enough, seeing Brock Purdy’s elbow turn into a cooked noodle during the NFC Championship game just added to my longing for a vacation. So, I decided I needed an island getaway where I could unwind and recharge before the grind of a full NFL blogging season.

Scheduled a Dentist Appointment: While this one is on the ropes because I have postponed it about 3 times, I did indeed schedule a dentist appointment.

Went Outside: I started enjoying watching sports outside during the summer months. I moved my TV to the patio and enjoyed every golf major and the NBA Finals. It is the little things.

Written by TFM Stelly

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