Top G Is Back

Top G is finally free!

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan recently took to X to announce they have officially ended house arrest. In case you didn’t know, the Tate brothers have been on house arrest since March for alleged sex trafficking crimes. Staying in their multi-million dollar mansion in Romania, the Tate brothers have not been able to leave their home as they have been suspected of coercing girls into creating TikTok accounts and stealing all of the profits.


Back in early July, Tate sat down with former Fox News correspondent Tucker Carlson to discuss what led to him being thrown in house arrest. According to Tate, he believes the government is on a witch hunt to throw him in prison for seemingly whatever they can. “When you finally end up the enemy of the matrix and they use the legal system as a weapon to punish you for having an opinion, you realize how subjective the law is,” Tate told Carlson in the interview.

Tate repeatedly claimed the accusations to be false and remained optimistic he would be found innocent in the end. Though the trial remains ongoing, Tate requested an appeal to get rid of house arrest.


On Friday, Tate and his brother won the appeal and were granted freedom from house arrest. However, as the trial continues, the siblings were given geographical restrictions which includes staying in Romania.

Upon his house arrest release, Top G shared a video montage to X with the simple caption “God wins.” In the montage, Tate and his brother walk confidently in suits as footage of terrified, screaming liberals intercut with the proud alpha males. In the end, Tate ends the video with a clip of him saying “I told you what was gonna happen.”

Despite being free to leave their house since Friday, the Tate brothers didn’t take advantage of their new freedom until last night. Again posting a video to X, Tate showed off his first night out in over three months.

In the video, the Tate brothers enjoy an elegant dinner with a bunch of friends. As alpha males, the Tates dined only with fellow men. The clip shows off Tate’s expensive taste including million dollar cars and watches. It really does make it seem like he is living the high life.

Top G Back In Full Swing

Surely, Tate is thrilled to be off house arrest. I don’t think I’ve seen another celebrity bring an entire film crew to showcase a night out other than the Kardashian Family. Tate’s excitement and pettiness towards his haters is both comical and entertaining. He is willing to spread his way of life with the world no matter what obstacles get in the way.

While the trial may drag on, one thing is certain. Top G is back, baby.

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Written by Alex Becker

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