Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Are Dating?

This is a couple I can really root against. 

It has been reported that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have been, “hanging out.” Anyone who follows Swift, or pays enough attention to the media to have her updates crammed down their throat knows that Swift hanging out with a male public figure has a specific meaning. In addition to that, the better Kelce brother made a comment about Taylor liking his moustache on a recent episode of their podcast, New Heights

This report comes several weeks after Travis admitted to an unsuccessful scheme to give her his phone number. At one of her shows, he created a friendship bracelet with his number on it to give to Swift. Itquite possible that Kelce piqued Swift’s interest iwth this scheme, and the two linked up some time after that. They are both thirty-three and at the top of their respective fields. In addition to that, Taylor Swift calls herself an Eagles fan, but only when she needs Philadelphia to give her a sold-out show. Clearly she has no qualms about dating a man who essentially took a Lombardi Trophy out of Philadelphia’s hands. 

People might think I’m unreasonable for wanting two of the most likable public figures to get together to be a target for my hatred. I’d want those same people to take an unbiased look at Taylor Swift’s fanbase. They swarm her outside of restaurants, and cover all parts of social media. I have developed a hatred for Taylor Swift exclusively through her unbearable fans. In addition to this, Travis Kelce beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl. There is no love lost for this pairing.

Taylor Swift dates everyone famous. So this might just be another brief fling that made its way to the all-knowing staff at TMZ. If they get married, I will be able to root against them for the rest of their careers. If not, we should at least get some great football puns in Swift’s next album. 

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