Travis Kelce Was Rejected by Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce recently revealed on his “New Heights” podcast that he unsuccessfully made an attempt to give Taylor Swift his phone number. Travis attended her recent concert in Kansas City, and tried to meet up with Taylor before or after the show. He said he made friendship bracelets with his phone number on them, but was unable to meet Swift to give her the gift.

I think the craziest part about this is Kelce’s plan to do it. The friendship bracelet is a play I would’ve expected to hear from a middle schooler, not a two-time Super Bowl champion. Either way, Travis attempting to do this to the woman with the most legendary dating track record of all time is bonkers to me.

Imagine if a common man like you or me tried giving a girl a friendship bracelet with your number on it. We would be the subject of a riveting group chat conversation in no time. That’s not the case for Travis Kelce. He can try this move on Taylor Swift, tell the story on a world-famous podcast, and still not feel upset about it. Why would he? He can just give the bracelet to anyone else. This is the type of thing that makes a Super Bowl ring so valuable. 

If Taylor Swift is the Eagles fan she claims to be every time she comes to Philly (she’s not, it’s classic pandering), she would date Travis until next year’s Super Bowl. If Travis is in it, she should dump him and leave him an emotional train wreck. That would really show her loyalty. 

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