WATCH: Officer Moron Gets Hurt Going Down a Kid’s Slide

I can’t begin talking about this video in good conscious without having shown it to everyone possible. If it hasn’t graced your timeline with its presence yet, here you go.

This video might be funny enough to cure depression. For some inexplicable reason, this slide hoots the man out on his stomach. This is before he man slides four feet across the playground on his chest. He lets out a pained, “Aw f**k,” that competes with the stifled laughter of whoever had the pleasure of watching this first hand.

Somewhere around the forty-fifth time I watched this video for entertainment purposes, I put my detective hat on. The first thing I wanted to know is why the cop was doing this in the first place. Maybe this slide has turned a few kids into bullets in the past, just like it did to this man. He could’ve been investigating the extreme slide conditions. Although based on the reactions of the people around him, this is not the case. This man had to tell his commanding officer that he injured himself because he wanted to have a little fun at the playground. 

The other thing I want to know about this situation is if there is a reason the slide was able to get the best of him. One internet post formerly known as a tweet shared a picture of the slide, and it truly is gigantic. Other than that though, why was the cop on his stomach? Did someone push him down the slide? Was he too afraid to commit, so he just half assed it? These questions remain unanswered. I can only assume from what I’ve seen this was as a result of his cowardice. 

I don’t think that any kids have been struggled the way this police officer did. If that was the case, something would’ve been done about this. I don’t want to get political here, but I think this is as clear a sign as any to #DeFunThePolice. Cops clearly can’t handle the risk of fun like the rest of us.

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