WATCH: Porta-Potty Girl Fight at Morgan Wallen Concert

Courtesy of TMZ

Talk about a crappy place to get into a fight. 

Two girls got into a fight while waiting in line for the bathroom at Morgan Wallen’s concert at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. The video starts with two girls standing in each other’s face arguing with each other. They begin shoving each other before their fight drags into a porta-potty while another girl was trying to exit. As the chaos continued, one friend from each of the girls joined the fight. It was hard to say who won. But after seeing four girls roll around a porta-potty at a packed concert, it was quite easy declaring a loser. 

I also need to point out the missed opportunity here by everyone in the video. Early in the fight, one girl’s entire wallet was emptied onto the floor. Not one person grabbed her card and bough a bunch of drinks.

My fighting experience is limited. I fight humans and bears the same way. I get loud, and lift my arms. The reasoning behind this is that I know a full-sized human or a bear of any size would tear me apart, so it’s my only defense. That being said, I don’t think I’m off base to say that fighting etiquette should be reevaluated. For example, if both parties have to roll around in a puddle of urine to attack the other one, maybe they should agree on a new location before it gets active. 

I wish there was some backstory for this fight. I didn’t really know who to root for. Still, I felt that this fight was likely over a spot in line for the bathroom. If this is the case, I want to know who cut who. The members of a concert bathroom line are generally an impatient, disgruntled bunch. It’s not surprising to see one of these turn physical. I just wish someone could’ve provided some context for the purposes of my rooting interests.

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