WATCH: Two 7-Eleven Employees Beat Cigarette Thief

A man in Stockton, California almost got away with an under planned 7-Eleven heist. The man walked behind the counter and grabbed a trash can to start piling all of the store’s cigarettes into the bucket. For an extended period of time, the thief is alone behind the counter with a golden opportunity to clean out the store. His problem came in the form of two employees who relentlessly beat him with a stick as he tried to leave with his loot. 

The first part of the video is linked above. I would highly suggest checking out the whole thing. The two employees in this video have so much visible rage over this incident. The extensive beat down they hand out really shows this. After a few hits, the thief is screaming and trying to leave. The employees are not satisfied with this, as bystanders had to finally get them to stop. 

I don’t know what HBO currently airs on Sunday nights, but it probably doesn’t have as much character development as this five-minute clip of chaos. At the start of the video, the main character is a confident thief. He is interrupted by a pair of disturbed, but menacing employees. They finally interrupt him, and the group has a great standoff. This isn’t to mention the true best part of this video: the narrator. Goodfellas isn’t narrated as well as this video is.

The narrator of this video seems like someone I’d want to adopt me as his son. When he starts recording, he asks the guy stealing all the tobacco, “Hey man can I get a Swisher?” That was a ten out of ten joke, but he maintains control of the situation through a calm demeanor and what seems like a full life’s worth of wisdom. Throughout the altercation, he encourages the employees to wait for police, tries to stop the fight, and even walks the thief out of the store. He is the literal voice of reason, even when the others in the store didn’t want to listen to him. 

I wish the four men involved in this video had the wherewithal to take a bow once they were done. At the end of viewing this situation, I had felt like I just sat through theater. I just wish the guys who put on this show would take a little credit for it.  

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