Wild Behavior of the Week: Teenage Car Chase, Drive-Through Shooting, and More

There’s too much wild behavior going around the news today to catch it all. I’d like to think I found some of the weirdest stories the internet has to offer this week. Here is your wild behavior of the week.

Teenage Car Chase

You’ll never guess what state two teenagers stole an SUV and went on a joyride in. Unless you’re a logical person, at which point you’d know it’s Florida. Honestly, I don’t think it’s their fault. They found the car running and unlocked. That feels like an invite to me. Maybe if these kids played Grand Theft Auto a bit more, they would’ve gotten it out of their system.

Biden’s Dog

Apparently Joe Biden’s German Shepherd has a biting problem. Commander Biden, our nation’s First K9, has a biting issue. It was reported in July that he had seven to ten members of the Secret Service over a four-month span. Now, he just got his next victim. This dog should be put down, but Biden and PETA have more say in it than I do. I really wish this was a storyline on Veep

Drive-Through Shooting

This event actually happened in March of 2021, but it just hit the internet and is too funny not to address. A woman named Alonniea was working at Jack-in-the-Box when a man complained about missing curly fries. They argued back and forth, and the man threw something at the drive-through window. This caused Alonniea to grab a handgun and start shooting at a car with children inside. She was arrested, and everyone is fine, meaning we can officially laugh about this.

Popeye’s Fight

I guess people should stop messing with fast food employees. The context of this is unknown, but someone picked a fight with a worker at Popeye’s and immediately learned her lesson. O don’t know exactly what a weave is, but I know the Popeye’s worker ripped this woman’s off of her head while beating her senseless. After they were separated, she got one more kick in. Pretty good fight video, in my book. 

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