Woke Snow White Called Prince Charming a Stalker

The new Snow White movie has been the focus of criticism since the day the first image of the film was released online. The shot saw the titular character walking through a field with seven unique looking dwarves. The wacky group of side characters are actually not dwarves at all. They instead are a group of men and women, ranging in height, race, and every other possible demographic. Now, the movie’s lead is criticizing the original for its portrayal of stalking by the original Prince Charming.

The interview that has gone viral is with Rachel Zegler talking about the differences between her movie, and the one that has held up for eighty-six years. She points out that Prince Charming stalked Snow White throughout the first movie. She then says portraying him as a hero is problematic. I haven’t seen the movie in a while, but didn’t he find her unconscious body alone in the woods? I’m not entirely sure how you stalk someone in an eternal slumber, unless they are a particularly gifted sleepwalker.

When talking about the new Snow White and what direction they are going with it, it sounds like they have no more of an idea than the rest of the public. Zegler joked about the possibility of the actor in the Prince Charming equivalent role being cut from the movie entirely. It sounds like the creators of this movie are making it up on the fly. 

This movie is going to be an abomination in comparison to the original. The 1937 Snow Whiteversion had two big advantages over this movie. First of all, they had a coherent plan about what they wanted the movie to be about. The second, is Gal Gadot was uninvolved in the first movie. She is a terrible actress and makes everything worse. 

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