Woman Divorced Her Dying Husband for Killing Her Vibe

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Yana Fry told the story of her divorce from her husband after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. She says his five-year battle with cancer took a toll on her marriage. When talking about the situation, she claims there are two types of people when dealing with horrible events like these. Those who are concerned about everyone around them, and those who drown in self-pity. Fry claimed that her husband was the latter, and that attitude forced her to abandon him and his journey with cancer. 

She says that as she continued this journey with him, she lost hope over time. She also mentions a time where no one, including her husband was asking how she was doing. I understand that going through a life threatening battle with your spouse is likely devastating, assuming you care about that person. But it takes a special kind of selfish to ask for attention over the guy who was losing his balls and life in that order. 

The most infuriating part of this story is the way she talks about the whole thing. When she found out her ex-husband lost his battle with cancer, she admitted her first thought was, “You must be joking. Someone would’ve called and told me.” What a waste of oxygen. A man you supposedly loved died, and your first thought was to make it about you? You’re the kid who is bragging to every guest at your brother’s grad party that you finished sixth grade that year. No one wants to hear you speak until you develop a real human emotion. 

Yana Fry has moved to Singapore since her divorce to become a life coach. So if anyone reading this is in need of advice on how to improve the quality of their life at the expense of everyone else, give Fry a call. 

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