Words I Like: Part Four

You know what me and Earnest Hemingway have in common. We’ve both received money for writing stuff. There are many other similarities, and a few differences as well. But I just wanted to demonstrate to you that me and one of the most highly regarded authors in American history are in the same boat. This is important because I want to share some of my personal favorite words that I’ve picked up on my journey through the English language, and felt the need to establish my credibility. 

Rigamarole (noun)

I love when something gets way too complicated. It’s simply for the fact that I can exclaim, “I don’t need the rigamarole.” Rigamarole is an incredibly fun word to say, and is a near guarantee to get the attention of anyone you’re talking to. There aren’t many words I like more, and I’m ashamed it took this long to make an appearance on the list. 

Prosciutto (noun)

God I love Italian food. Not only is it some of the best food in the world, but it is by far the most fun to say. Prosciutto is my favorite, but moozadell, gabagool, and countless others also work. Also bonus points to all food that are delicious, which prosciutto is. 

Condominium (noun)

I’ve always wondered about the chicken and egg scenario that happened with condom and condominium. One gives your mother mixed emotions when she find it stashed in your night stand in high school, the other is where you’ll move once she finally kicks you out of the house for being a disrespect to her religion. Truly just a silly mix-up in our language. 

Retardant (adjective)

This is a loophole word. If you pay attention to other words I like, you’ll see this is a larger theme. I enjoy talking in ways that sound like I’m going way out of bounds. I’m not actually being politically incorrect. I’m just asking if my friend’s couch is susceptible to catching on fire. Not a huge deal. 

Gold (noun)

In my world, this is a snack that smiles back, a hilarious character from the show Entourage, or a lyric from my favorite song (Allstar by Smash Mouth of course). Since all of these are great things, I love the word gold. 

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