Xavien Howard Extort Over Sex Videos

Xavien Howard is in the middle of a legal issue with a woman who claims he filmed them having sex and distributed the video without her knowledge. This lawsuit was filed in a Florida court in May. Howard recently said she attempted to shake him down for millions before it was filed. Howard claims the lawsuit is entirely fabricated, and the anonymous woman is simply attempting to make money off of him. 

This is not the first time Xavien Howard’s bedroom actions have found him in a court of law. In March, a woman dropped a lawsuit against Howard. It alleged that Howard intentionally gave her genital herpes, even though Howard never had the disease. It appears that Howard is a legal target for being in the ninety-ninth percentile for wealth and sexually activity. 

In this case, a woman alleges that Howard filmed them getting intimate, and sent it to a third party who turned down the Pro Bowler. One thing that Howard’s legal team has pointed out is that the woman has stayed anonymous and basically given no evidence. They are calling the suit erroneous and wildly at odds with due process. I assume all insults that require a degree to understand are pretty legit. 

Typically, the publicity around a celebrity’s trial will be too limited to really make up an opinion on this. This is the most obvious public case we’ve seen since the Depp-Heard-bed-poop saga.  Xavien Howard blankets wide receivers and women for a living, and people are trying to take his money for it.

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