Your Drinking Game of Choice and What It Means


You’re a fan of the classics, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You probably enjoy the competitive nature of pong, but you don’t want to make the jump to any of the more intense games. The only issue with your favorite game being pong is that if you’re not dominant in it, it’s a little pathetic.

King’s Cup

You’re more laid back than most, and you enjoy a game that you can sit down and play. It’ll usually take some convincing to get any of the other fellas to play, though. But every once in a while, they cave, and it ends up being a decently fun time. A warning though, if you’re the guy that’s constantly trying to get people to play King’s, everyone is going to get tired of you real quick.

Never Have I Ever

You are a female.

Drunk Jenga

You put way too much time into creating the game, but if anyone ends up playing it will usually result in the parties involved getting pretty hammered. Fun times.

Flip Cup

You enjoy chaos. Flip cup is almost always filled with cheating and screaming, and most of the time it ends with people feeling nothing but pure hatred for one another. Congrats on being a demon.

Rage Cage/Stack Cup

Regardless of what you call it, this game is a party classic. If this is your favorite, it means you like to get the whole gang involved. Hopefully, though, you also have become a fan of targeting one person and making their life a living hell by constantly causing them to drink the bitch cup. If that’s not the case, you’re going about it all wrong.

Beer Die

You’ve graduated to a man’s drinking game. Congratulations. Not everyone makes this jump, but you did it.

Texas Drink’em

You’re either me, you read this blog and loved it, or you’re one of my degenerate friends that loves nothing more than combining alcohol with gambling.

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