Costco Is Done Selling Bud Light

Bud Light is officially dead at Costco.

According to users on Twitter, Costcos around the country are dishing out the infamous “death star” to Bud Light products. For you non-Costco shoppers, an asterisk on a label usually denotes that a certain item will soon be discontinued. It’s kind of like a warning that says “this is your last chance to buy this from us.” 

Well, that asterisk of destruction has just made its way to the most hated brand in the country: Bud Light.

Twitter evidence

The first viral sighting of one of these death stars came from Twitter user @s_h_a_r_k_y who posted a photo of the asterisk on July 10. 

While the post showed classic Bud Light getting the ax, other Twitter users have shown off different Bud Light products that have also been denoted of future discontinuation. Other products such as Bud Light Platinum seem to have also been cut by Costco.

Getting pushed out of one of the biggest distributors across the country is a massive blow to Bud Light and parent company Anheuser-Busch. AB’s market value has already plummeted over $28 billion since the Dylan Mulvaney controversy first broke back in early April.

The Bud Light boycotts have worked exceptionally well by those who want the beer supergiant to go out of business. Discontinuation from Costco shows how big of an impact this whole failed marketing campaign truly had on once the biggest name in beer. Blue cases have sat on shelves for so long that Costco has fully given up on the brand.

Is this the end for Bud Light?

This now begs the question, will other stores also pull the plug on Bud Light? It may be a smart money saving move considering how far this boycott has gone so far. Despite efforts like adding Travis Kelce and Ken Griffey Jr. as brand ambassadors, Bud Light just can’t win back support.

This truly may be the nail in the coffin for America’s once most prominent beer. If there are somehow any Bud Light fans reading this, you may wanna go stock up now because it feels as if the end is near.

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Written by Alex Becker

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