Dillon Danis Finds Restraining Order Loophole, Continues Posting Nina Agdal Pictures

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Logan Paul has officially taken a backseat in his own fight. After his fiancée filed a restraining order against his upcoming opponent, the feud is now headlined as Dillon Danis vs. Nina Agdal. After a series of suggestive posts of Agdal from Dillon Danis on Twitter, she followed through on her threats and filed a restraining order against Danis. This hasn’t stopped him from posting pictures of her online.  

If you’re unfamiliar with the legendary troll job Dillon Danis is in the middle of, click here, or here. It’s been a wild ride to this point, and you should be up to date on every single talking point. 

Danis’ strategy has been very simple up to this point: get under Paul’s skin, and justify it all as fight promotion. The second part of that is why Paul has no leverage here. He knows that every time Danis posts a picture of his fiancée online, his pay day gets a little bit bigger. The reason they filed the restraining order, is because Danis has bought a three-month timeshare in their heads.    

Despite the restraining order, Danis posted another picture of Agdal on Twitter today. People thought he was eligible for legal repercussion for this, but a look at the restraining order shows why this is wrong. The filing states that Danis cannot post any photos that were, “obtained without consent,” or are, “sexually explicit.” The first part of that is very clear. The second part is a grey area that Danis is very comfortable in.

Danis posted this photo of Agdal yesterday morning, days after the restraining order was filed. More than anything, this photo showed Ag-Paul that he was not stopping. At this point, there’s nothing more for them to do other than punch each other. Logan Paul can put together sentences, and Dillon Danis can anger every woman on the planet with no financial repercussions. It’s time to see if either of these guys are actually tough. I’m guessing they’re not.

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