Jennifer Lopez is Stunning in New Lingerie Campaign

I want to send a fruit basket over to the good people at Inimissimi. After their campaign with Heidi and Leni Klum, the Italian lingerie brand just launched a new campaign with Jennifer Lopez. It’d be nice if the news around her today was that she was taking the Super Bowl half time show away from Usher, but this is good too. I’m ok with a wonderful photo shoot of Ben Affleck’s on-again-off-again wife.

Another thing people got excited about are the beauty tips that J-Lo shared in this campaign. She credited her age-defying looks to a minimum of seven hours of sleep. If she were being honest, she would’ve credited incredible genetics and professional makeup artists, but encouraging soccer moms to set a bad time isn’t a bad thing, I guess.

I can’t say I’m a particularly big fan of J-Lo’s acting work. It seems like the plot of most of her movies is something I would fantasize about in middle school, but I can’t knock her payday. What I will say, is that she hasn’t created anything in the past few years to the quality of her recent modeling work.

I’ve made somewhat of a sport out of hating celebrities recently. Maybe it’s because I’m so up to date on their nonsense as I scan the internet for things to write about, I don’t know. What I do know, is that I simply can’t bring myself to hate J-Lo. I’m usually scared of beautiful women when they’re in the same room as me, but J-Lo is different. For some reason, these pictures make my throat close up and my knees turn to jello. As a result, she is one of few public figures I choose not to incessantly bash at every opportunity.

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