Livvy Dunne Has A Mini Me, Her Name Is Breckie Hill

We have covered Livvy Dunne like Darell Revis in the 2009 NFL Season on this website and for good reason. But due to new circumstances, we have to cover her twice and much due to her mini-me reappearing in the news.

Her mini-me of course is Breckie Hill, the TikTok star who is famous for her “lip sync” videos that show more chest than face. For some is a hook, line, and sinker, but for astounding gentlemen like us at TFM, we need girls who strive for more in life.

The reason Breckie Hill is back in the news is because she posted a video with a Pirates jersey, a not-so-subliminal shot at Livvy Dunne, who is reportedly dating Pirates minor league pitcher, Paul Skenes.

We all know why Breckie Hill is doing this, she wants to get attention from Livvy’s fan base and it seems to working very well. Someone once said, “All Publicity is Good Publicity”. Breckie seems to live by that motto.

For all the guys only here for the thirst traps, here you go:

Written by TFM Stelly

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