The Zion Saga Continues As Another Sidepiece Comes Forward

Zion is going to blow his own back out the way he be blowing backs out.

After all of the crazy Zion Williamson stuff that’s been going on, it seems a third woman has now come forward claiming to have believed she was his main chick. Well, just like pornstar Moriah Mills, this new woman is completely wrong and pissed off.

For those who have no clue what I’m talking about, I’ll catch you up real quick. On Tuesday, Zion and his legitimate girlfriend Ahkeema posted a Youtube video performing a gender reveal to announce that they are expecting a child. Wholesome, right? Wrong.

Immediately after the post circulated, the #173 ranked pornstar on PornHub Moriah Mills decided to go on a Twitter rampage. In what felt like hundreds of tweets, Mills claimed that Zion had been hooking up with her consistently since 2021 and even promised to move her to New Orleans so the two could be together, not once mentioning to her that he was with another woman nor that she was pregnant. The tweets are absolutely insane and somehow still up despite community guidelines (I guess Elon is loving the baby mama drama).

So that catches us up to now. Zion has a girlfriend who is pregnant and a side hoe made that she is just finding out. Got it? Good.

Welp, turns out that’s not all the people Zion has been laying down the pipe on. Last night, a new woman took the spotlight by posting a series of three Instagram stories bashing Zion for being “a nasty sex addict” and calling him out for all of his lying. Yamille Taylor, who describes herself as a “digital creator” and has 20k Instagram followers, added fuel to the fire by revealing that she too had multiple sexual encounters with the Pelicans star.

(Photo taken from @yamilexxtaylor on Instagram)

In her first and most entertaining story, it appears Taylor is mostly upset that Zion didn’t buy her expensive gifts like he did for his other girls. She doesn’t really mention him sleeping with other girls or getting one pregnant like Mills was not happy about. Instead, she makes it pretty clear that while does make her own money, she would have liked to get a Bentley or million dollar watch — insisting the reason she didn’t was because she wouldn’t let him record the two of them or have a three-some (prude).

Here’s my issue with this and then I’ll get back to the story. I believe that this woman hooked up with Zion. What I don’t believe is that she has her own money and that whatever money she does have never came from selling her body. Just look at these Instagram posts.

(Photo taken from @yamilexxtaylor on Instagram)

This is the definition of selling your body. She isn’t doing it in the most crude and nude way possible, but you can’t post this for the same amount of people that read these blogs and call it a job. What I’m doing right now is harder than posting a cellulite ass pic and I barely even call this a hobby (to be fair, my gig doesn’t help me get dicked down by NBA all-stars). I am beyond confident that Taylor doesn’t have the funds for a Bentayga or Richard Mille (she didn’t even spell it right in her post). She is just mad that another woman with a bigger, faker booty got the invite to be moved to NOLA and not her.

To prove my point, let’s look at her next story.

(Photo taken from @yamilexxtaylor on Instagram)

Well look at that. She offered to move with Mills to New Orleans. While I don’t truly understand most of what she said, I know for a fact that Taylor fully invited herself to move in with a pornstar whose own invitation was a sham all along. This woman is an absolute idiot, but let’s take a look at story number three.

(Photo taken from @yamilexxtaylor on Instagram)

Oh great, finally we get some evidence that you did truly sleep with Zion. Congrats on your accomplishment that you were clearly so proud of you needed to send a picture to your hoe friends. I can understand being upset that he slept with you if he knew he was pregnant, but let’s be real you did this for attention. You got jealous that there was not one but two women with better WAPs than you and went on a freak out that made very little sense. However, you did let us all know that while Zion is a blob on the bench he is a freak in the sheets, so thank you for that.

As for Zion, I guess congrats on the baby. That said, I hope your girlfriend still loves you for your money and presumably large penis because I doubt she is very happy with your personality right now. Also, maybe go get yourself checked out. I know for sure my man didn’t wear protection and with the type of women he’s been sleeping around with I wouldn’t be surprised if he contracted some new type of STD. 

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Written by Alex Becker

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