Virginia House Candidate’s Adult Content Leaked Online

And you can watch it, here.

A woman in Virginia is trying to take change into her own hands by earning a spot on the House of Delegates this election season. Susannah Gibson, a nurse practitioner and mother of two, is dipping her toe in local politics for the first time, after her disappointment with the recent Rowe vs. Wade decision. Unfortunately for Gibson, the beginning of her political career has been defined by the internet history of her and her husband. 

Gibson and her husband are active users on a pornographic streaming service known as, “Chaturbate.” Of everyone writing about this story online, I think TFM has the highest percent of readers who are familiar with the site. If you aren’t apart of our army of self-pleasure veterans, the site is basically Twitch, but with no clothes. Gibson and her husband were so active on the platform, that they had 5,700 followers. In the world of adult content, those are insane numbers

Gibson has called the leaking of these videos an illegal invasion of her privacy, and I have no idea if she is right. What I do know, is that by posting pornographic videos on the internet, and then applying for a job that includes intense public scrutiny, you are making your opponent’s job much easier. The unfortunate truth for Gibson, is that she is now the porn girl in this race.

I don’t really feel too bad for Gibson. Her situation is a product of her own actions. The only time that adult content and politics mixes, is when a beautiful woman is playing a Senator in a wall-papered office. No one felt bad for her when she was profiting off of using bananas in the wrong way, or whatever it is she did on that site. 

I’d imagine this is going to remove her chance of winning this election. My sympathy for her has nothing to do with her inevitable loss. With all due respect, she had an uphill battle before anyone saw a glimpse into her intimate side, and that entirely killed her chances. My sympathy for her comes from the fact that a local election has acted as national advertising for her adult content. At this point, she might as well lean into after the election, and run with the press over to any adult content site that will house her marriage highlight tape. 

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