5 NFL Players I Could Beat In A Fight

When people think of NFL players, they think of guys like Jalen Carter (who killed someone) and Nick Bosa and that is totally fair. If you think you could beat those dudes in a fight, you’re crazy. Nonetheless, there are some dudes who I think I could easily beat up who are in the NFL. I limited myself to two special teamers, 1 kicker and 1 punter because this would be a boring list if I didn’t.

Rodrigo Blankenship- This is my 1.1 of dudes in the NFL that I could beat in a fight. This guy is the biggest scrub in the world. 6’1 and 180 pounds of loser that I would put in the dirt if he and I met in the octagon. 1 “Peoples Elbow” to the temple and he would be dead.

Ryan Stonehouse- While researching a punter that I could fight, I came across that the position group is filled with MEN. The Packers punter is 6’5. No way I am taking that dude down. Meanwhile, I found Ryan Stonehouse. Standing at 5’10, there is no way this guy is beating me in a fight. Also, his name is “Ryan” which is a very punchable name.

Jake Funk- Jake plays running back for the Indianapolis Colts. The main reason he made the list is that his girlfriend was my crush from “The Bachelor”. I would have enough rage to take him down because he stole my girl.

Russell Wilson- Not only is he the worst quarterback in the NFL, but he also would be the easiest to fight. Not only would I have the height advantage, but I would also tell someone to play Future so I would be in his head from the start. No way that Russell Wilson lasts more than 2 rounds with me.

Mike McGlinchey- If the tweets from my burner account were leaked to the public, I would be tried for war crimes in 37 different countries. I saw this man get tossed like he was a ragdoll on national television by another human. I really don’t think I could beat him in a fight, but I really just hate him.

Written by TFM Stelly

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